46.94/500- reflection

In teaching we are taught to be reflective, both positively and negatively. 

Let’s start positively:

I can run for 7k. 

I can stay on a treadmill for an hour and keep moving. 

Now… the negative: I’ve been lazy recently. I’ve avoided running because I’ve pulled the ‘Im tired’ excuse and my times are suffering as a result. 

7k in 60mins is poor and I need to work harder if I want to beat my october 10k time.

Mixed emotions then. 

Yay and nay? 


Where Angels Fear to Treadmill…

New university, new gym membership, new type of running… the treadmill. 

Historically I have a poor experience with treadmills, that said I couldn’t run for even 5 minutes never mind 5k. Those running for extended times on treadmill were beyond me; they had such purpose, such stamina, they looked good in work out clothes. By stark contrast I felt like I was playing at gyms, was breathless and looked like a minivan. If I ran it was for short periods, walking lots, feeling useless. 

Well, things are different now…ish.

I kitted up and sheepishly walked into the gym. Machines, weights, bikes, and people all doing their thing. I was nervous. I aporoached the treadmill with caution, do you use that clip thing? What speed is a good speed? Will my feet make a loud thud? Will I fall off? I’ve played the sims 3!

5k was the aim. We can do this!
I struggled with speeds. 6 was too slow. 7 was ok but it didn’t tick through distance fast enough for my liking. It was so different from road running where 0.1k was a distance put behind you, a distance achieved. This felt much more like an endurance test. 

I did 2.5k at speed 7 and the rest bumped between 8 and 8.5. Is that good? Who knows! The numbers felt so arbitrary I didn’t really feel like my time at the end justified the effort. I felt like all I had done was manage to stay in one place for 40 minutes getting progressively more red. 

Will I try it again? Of course! It’s too convenient during the uni day to just cast it aside. Also, it might be interesting mixing up treadmill with… weights. Hahaha. 

New experiences eh?