Another 10k training along the canal with my pal Ray and a new t-shirt. It’s nice outside and it’s good being able to get outside without layers for days. 



70.12/500- Birthday 10k

Today was a big day for me. 

  • I turned 27.
  • I went on a 10k that wasn’t for a medal.
  • I beat my 10k PB.
  • I considered myself ‘not fat’ in running clothes.

Obviously this blog deals with my running, but reflecting on all these is worthwhile. I started this blog nearly a year ago to keep myself motivated, accountable and because I was lonely in China. I couldn’t run. Every step up was momentous.Now I’m running 10k.

It was lovely. I went out in a t-shirt. It was sunny (and we can ignore the chilly wind and snow on the hills…). I looped grass, found a football pitch to lap and circled a park. It was good for my aging lungs. 

I didn’t have to do it today. Yeah, I can see how it’s a bit mad on the surface but I didn’t really have birthday plans and shouldn’t you have some? Some thing that you’re proud of doing on a day acknowledging you? Well this was mine, my gift to me. 

… That and I should start half marathon training eventually. 😉

62.96/500 #ResRun

Super proud today. Yeah, my time is slower than my last 10k but I feel good. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do this run considering I’ve only really been training to about 5k-7k, that’s defo why I suffered hitting 8k.
The route went around Glasgow Green and took 2 laps. There was a mix of 5k and 10k people. 

It was a strange thing; at the start I was quite well placed in the pack, not fsr behind. My 5k time seemed to match that of parkrun (36 mins-ish). It wasn’t until the 6k I fell drastically behind. Pretty proud tbh.

Running the river was my favorite part. It’s not a part of the city I wander often and it was nice to have a reason to be there.

Plus… sunshine. Banging. 

Until the next one. 😉

53.66/500- aches

I’m not even sorry about my time. I ache. Yesterday had me sore and I still came in to fight again. I am proud of that. 

I also took time in the machines and weights section today. Sadly my reason was because there were less men than normal, which I find intimidating and off putting. More than once I’ve been there trying my best with a 15k load and some guy will be lurking and huffing because he wants to out do that. Thus, when you see weights quieter than normal you take the plunge. 

Also, how good is power plate? Calf massage on a power plate has to be the greatest post run thing ever. I want one. 

46.94/500- reflection

In teaching we are taught to be reflective, both positively and negatively. 

Let’s start positively:

I can run for 7k. 

I can stay on a treadmill for an hour and keep moving. 

Now… the negative: I’ve been lazy recently. I’ve avoided running because I’ve pulled the ‘Im tired’ excuse and my times are suffering as a result. 

7k in 60mins is poor and I need to work harder if I want to beat my october 10k time.

Mixed emotions then. 

Yay and nay? 

39.32/500- a sort of triathlon workout.

My best mate managed to get us a free day trip to a Nuffield Health Spa in town. We made full use of it- I ran, biked and swam… and used the steam room and spa pool but hey it’d have been rude not to. 

5k in 36.11- no photo but my bestie was my witness. 

A PERSONAL BEST! I felt amazing. I pushed and pushed and it’s definitely showing. So proud. 

3k on the bike.

500meters in the pool.

Cracking workout.


I am distraught. I went to the gym. I did the 5k. At the end instead of hitting pause as I normally do to take a picture I hit emergency stop, it reset the machine. There is no photo. I am distraught. The best proof I have is the fact I have gone over 15k steps today, something that only happens with running. 

I finished in 38:50 something. It was not my best time but it was a time nonetheless. 

Damn you emergency stop button.

I am distraught. 

30.02/500 – Down with the sickness

First came the cough, then the ears were filled with fluid, then the fever, then the chills, then the blocked nose….

I still had to go to uni, start a new school placement and carry on as if everything was ok. I even spent a weekend in, that’s how drastic it got!

I went to parkrun Saturday but I didn’t finish. I was still fevery, so this is my first run since last week, which happens to be the first time I’ve been able to use my nose. 

I took it easier, thus the longer time, but still pretty consistent. 

I’m very aware of my 6k on the 26th of this month but even at 5k I think I have enough reserves to power through. Plus, I’ll be dressed as a mermaid so that’ll help, right?

Can’t wait to be healthy again!

23.2/500 and Parkrun #2

Yay! I got faster! 

Went back to parkrun today. It was mentally easier and even with a hacking cough there are a few things that helped. 

1- didn’t use my watch. This helped a lot actually. Instead of bargaining with myself about ‘you can walk in ‘0.25k’ I didn’t have that luxury so I just kept trooping. 

2- I knew the route this time so it was easier to get round the flats and negotiate the hills. 

3- it was raining. Blech. But at least it wasn’t icey. 

Overall glad I went. Slowly ticking through my 500 miles but I can tell it’s going to take a loooong time.