My 10k looms. We are getting there. The goal recently has been to not walk and to learn how to run ‘hard’ then recovery ‘jog’ so there is constant movement forward. 

The treadmill has been very useful in this respect.  Fiddly buttons make walking very difficult so its just easier to keep the pace going. 

Pretty proud in my pushing that I have managed to run 6k, no walking! (I’ve done it 3 times now so by science it must be a thing right?)

The time is less than stellar, I know, but I’ve stopped caring. 

I’m learning to listen to my legs, my lungs, my stomach, and to stop listening to the voice in my head saying stop. 

I’m learning to listen to my post run body to see if there is more in the fuel tanks and more often than not I feel ‘yeah, theres another 0.5k in there’.

Next goal? 7k. 

We can do this!