62.96/500 #ResRun

Super proud today. Yeah, my time is slower than my last 10k but I feel good. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do this run considering I’ve only really been training to about 5k-7k, that’s defo why I suffered hitting 8k.
The route went around Glasgow Green and took 2 laps. There was a mix of 5k and 10k people. 

It was a strange thing; at the start I was quite well placed in the pack, not fsr behind. My 5k time seemed to match that of parkrun (36 mins-ish). It wasn’t until the 6k I fell drastically behind. Pretty proud tbh.

Running the river was my favorite part. It’s not a part of the city I wander often and it was nice to have a reason to be there.

Plus… sunshine. Banging. 

Until the next one. 😉


23.2/500 and Parkrun #2

Yay! I got faster! 

Went back to parkrun today. It was mentally easier and even with a hacking cough there are a few things that helped. 

1- didn’t use my watch. This helped a lot actually. Instead of bargaining with myself about ‘you can walk in ‘0.25k’ I didn’t have that luxury so I just kept trooping. 

2- I knew the route this time so it was easier to get round the flats and negotiate the hills. 

3- it was raining. Blech. But at least it wasn’t icey. 

Overall glad I went. Slowly ticking through my 500 miles but I can tell it’s going to take a loooong time. 

Glasgow Great Scottish Run 10k 2016

Enough time has passed that my legs and other muscles have forgiven me for my 10k efforts. 

It was a blast. I donned my favorite pink trews, committed to a tshirt despite the fog and went at it. 

The atmosphere was amazing. They said 10,000 people overall were going to take part! 10,000! All the shorts, lycra, water, sweat and efforts of so many gave the day such a buzz. I rooted for those around me, I wasn’t feeling awkward but rather part of a greater tide. 

The route was good, all my old Glasgow stomping grounds and familiar roads seeing me through my home city. There was some exciting about going over the motorway, the Clyde and something magical about running along the river towards Glasgow Green. My home, my city, my life.

Now it’s finished it’s all been a bit surreal. I found typing this really hard just because I can’t belive its over. I talked about it, focused on it and dreamt about it so much that when it finished it was a bit… ‘now what?’

The week had been an odd one, full of events and chat but regardless the run kept getting me through. I had the rub coming. The run was soon. Yeab, but the run? When it ended it was a bit like giving myself time to think and in truth I don’t really like it. I prefer having a challenge. 

My time wasn’t sterling. 

But hey, having something to work on is good, right?

Now? Who knows what I’ll aim for. I have some lofty ideas about half marathons but who knows. 

It’s important to take time to reflect, this seems like apt a one as any. 

Race for Life Mud Run 2016!

Today was an amazing 5k! It was the Muddy Run, Race for Life for Cancer Research UK in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. Luckily Scotland kept it’s weather warmish and sunny as the ‘Cult of Yarn’ yomped through the mud!

We committed! We jumped, crawled, climbed and got totally filthy. My mates were troopers and I was so happy to be a cultist! 

We did it! All for charity! Go team! I love you Zoe, Heather and Pip!  ðŸ’™ðŸ’šðŸ’›ðŸ’œ

Also, big thanks to my bestie Cia for tsking all the photos, without you we would have no record of our muddy faces.

I really enjoyed the fact 5k was not a mental challenge. It was a doable distance, something that I knew I could do. I understand that this race wasn’t running but even then it was a physical challenge. I felt it most on my arms, crawling under nets and the like took it’s toll on my untrained biceps. I really aught to work on them more.💪 

Much in the vein of my last post, we have another loss. RIP Black New Balance trainers from January. It was wonderful serving with you all those miles. I salute you. 

It’s all a bit real

My number arrived for the Great Scottish Run 10k. It’s all a bit real now.

I think I can. My little leaflet certainly believes in me. 

I’ve been put in white group, it’s probably my fault for clicking something wrong but I think I belong in a slower group. I’m not very speedy. 😦

Ahh! Where has time gone!?!?!?!?!?!


Pastures New

My next big race will be a 10k so I have started planning increased distances for my runs. One tactic is to get out an explore every street, nook, cranny and in today’s case country path. 

Instead of taking my normal route I decided to take a path I have seen lots and never thought anything of… and how surprised I was! 

This road went to Edinburgh if I went far enough! I hadn’t even realised. I knew that there was a canal nearby which went from Glasgow to Edinburgh but in my head it was further away. The path was very scenic:

Rivers, grass, bridges, sheep! Who knew eh?

The whole path is about 1k and pops out at another convenient path. New route for me 😉

Running in Scotland

I’m home. I’ve been back 2 days, sleeping off jet lag and reminiscing about my time out East. It has been cold and damp since I landed in Edinburgh. Summer? Pah!

After a week of holiday in Hong Kong and travel across the globe I decided to lace up my shoes again. I pulled on my clothes after a cup of green tea, 9:20am.

Getting dressed was odd, were clothes going on easier because I was thinner or just not soaked with humidity? I was aware of the weather, should I wear a jumper or just run through it? In the end I committed to a Ramones T-shirt and Capri trousers, pulled on a headband and off I went. Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

The next issue was where to go. Where I live in Glasgow is actually pretty good for race training generally. Flats, hills, country paths, grass, concrete… I had it all. But after running months of track I wanted to keep up the same routine until I settled into the weather. The schools in Scotland are off so I went to my old primary school track.


I had forgotten how scenic it was. The Campsie Fells in the back while the playground grounds were still green and inviting. When was I last here? 10 years, no, more, 15? Damn, age was creeping up on me. That said, as I ran I remembered painful cross country memories. I had always been slower than the sporty girls and when there are only 10 girls in your class that bumps you down the ranks pretty quickly. I still wasn’t fast but I wondered if I could run further than those girls. I never saw any of them any more. I had changed too much over time, we probably wouldn’t even recognise each other.

Again I am useless at calculating distance, so the length of the pitch I ran is unknown. I ran 7 laps in 10 mins, overall 30 mins. All I could manage before feeling jet lag ill again.

While I ran I noticed the cold most. This was a pretty ‘fresh’ day as far as Scotland was concerned. Maybe 12 degrees and overcast. After 28 degrees and humid conditions I wasn’t sure how to feel. No sweat. If I wasn’t sweating was I even working out? My clothes weren’t wet. My hair wasn’t damp. I didn’t wipe my face. I could use my phone still as my fingers didn’t have a film of sweat. For the very first time in my running ‘career’ I wondered if this was good for my muscles, is the cold tightening them needlessly?

The worlds I had experienced were so far removed from each other, so fundamentally different and yet here I was able to perform the same action across the globe. That excited me. After I was finished I felt proud that after a short recovery from East to West I was still able to keep it up. Now… Let’s start training properly!