Back to the gym…

It’s been a manic few weeks. Lots of new experiences from dates to teaching, lesson planning to driving in the cold. It’s been a real mix and getting used to it has wrecked my running. 

As in… I haven’t been doing it at all.

Feeling awful about myself and scared I’m ruining my years progress I was determined to get back into it.

Getting used to my school routine has helped and this week I’ve been able to plan ahead to the point I don’t need to work at night. So, no excuses.

Back to the gym.

It smelled of sweat, bread (my normal description for men’s aroma), and rubber tread. Noise. Light. Lack of air con. Yup, just how I left it. 

That said all the ‘Im totally keeping up the gym’ September lot are gone. Instead the flirters, the posers and the youth have gone. Just working out, progress, drive and self determination. It’s inspiring. 

My run game is po… ok it’s just meh. I can run still and distance at that but it’s not fast and I still go bright red. The first few minutes are hell as I try to remember how to run all over again; feet, hands, shoes, neck, where does it all go? 

I managed 5k. I consider it my base minimum, no less allowed.

My goals are still to work on my 10k game enough to build up distance. Lofty maybe but if my running since April has taught me anything is that if you decide you are going to do it then you just will. You’ll find a way. 

Keep going.