56.76/500- parkrun 3

We went to Victoria park today. The course is flatter which seemed to help substantially. That said I felt awful, felt like I was walking a lot but even then the times seemed to have gone down.

Pretty proud right now.


39.32/500- a sort of triathlon workout.

My best mate managed to get us a free day trip to a Nuffield Health Spa in town. We made full use of it- I ran, biked and swam… and used the steam room and spa pool but hey it’d have been rude not to. 

5k in 36.11- no photo but my bestie was my witness. 

A PERSONAL BEST! I felt amazing. I pushed and pushed and it’s definitely showing. So proud. 

3k on the bike.

500meters in the pool.

Cracking workout.


I am distraught. I went to the gym. I did the 5k. At the end instead of hitting pause as I normally do to take a picture I hit emergency stop, it reset the machine. There is no photo. I am distraught. The best proof I have is the fact I have gone over 15k steps today, something that only happens with running. 

I finished in 38:50 something. It was not my best time but it was a time nonetheless. 

Damn you emergency stop button.

I am distraught. 

30.02/500 – Down with the sickness

First came the cough, then the ears were filled with fluid, then the fever, then the chills, then the blocked nose….

I still had to go to uni, start a new school placement and carry on as if everything was ok. I even spent a weekend in, that’s how drastic it got!

I went to parkrun Saturday but I didn’t finish. I was still fevery, so this is my first run since last week, which happens to be the first time I’ve been able to use my nose. 

I took it easier, thus the longer time, but still pretty consistent. 

I’m very aware of my 6k on the 26th of this month but even at 5k I think I have enough reserves to power through. Plus, I’ll be dressed as a mermaid so that’ll help, right?

Can’t wait to be healthy again!

23.2/500 and Parkrun #2

Yay! I got faster! 

Went back to parkrun today. It was mentally easier and even with a hacking cough there are a few things that helped. 

1- didn’t use my watch. This helped a lot actually. Instead of bargaining with myself about ‘you can walk in ‘0.25k’ I didn’t have that luxury so I just kept trooping. 

2- I knew the route this time so it was easier to get round the flats and negotiate the hills. 

3- it was raining. Blech. But at least it wasn’t icey. 

Overall glad I went. Slowly ticking through my 500 miles but I can tell it’s going to take a loooong time. 

6.2/500- when yer face is the same colour as yer top

I wasnt sure I’d do today. I spent the day editing words and helping my sister, plus I didn’t feel like it. But miles don’t do themselves.

Change. Shoes. Wear that top I don’t even like. I don’t put on make up (having come to the realization Meg Ryan moments don’t happen in the Strathy gym). I stop caring about my crop trousers/long socks combo. I just need to do the miles.

I gym. I push. I give myself a higher minimum and a lower maximum and much of my time is spent thinking ‘eff it, just run’. I ignore my notifications, don’t change song, keep going.

The result is a faster time than yesterday:

So yay! But unfortunately my face is the colour of my top, kinda why I avoid wearing it.


Keep going eh?

I would run 500 miles- 3.1/500

​I’m not big into new years resolutions, I never keep them. Facebook and instagram were littered with ‘new year, new you’ which just sounded a bit Chuckle Brothers if you ask me. 

But I was in the fortunate position that if I was going to make a new years resolution I wouldn’t be starting from scratch. I wouldnt be starting out in cold January trying to learn 5k (good on those who do, you’re braver than I) I could start from a mental position of ‘I can do this’.

I’ve spent some time with someone who does triathlon. I was both impressed and intimidated, was I really ‘sporty’ enough to even have the running conversation. It felt a bit lame saying 5k when he was talking about casual half marathon. 

But he was right, I was still going. Still off the couch, still managing it and keeping my laces strung. 

I was never going to be a speed demon but I was going to have stamina.So I decided I was going to have to come up with a stamina based goal.

Luckily the Patron Saints of Scottish Drunken Singing, The Proclaimers, came up with the ideal workout plan. 

I would run 500 miles.

Well, walk but still. 

I didn’t set a firm timescale really, by the end of the yearish. 

So today was my first 3.1miles of 500. My time is just comparable to my September time, but I was a bit fitter then.

Times, distances ah well. It’s going to be a long way but I look forward to it.

Back to the gym…

It’s been a manic few weeks. Lots of new experiences from dates to teaching, lesson planning to driving in the cold. It’s been a real mix and getting used to it has wrecked my running. 

As in… I haven’t been doing it at all.

Feeling awful about myself and scared I’m ruining my years progress I was determined to get back into it.

Getting used to my school routine has helped and this week I’ve been able to plan ahead to the point I don’t need to work at night. So, no excuses.

Back to the gym.

It smelled of sweat, bread (my normal description for men’s aroma), and rubber tread. Noise. Light. Lack of air con. Yup, just how I left it. 

That said all the ‘Im totally keeping up the gym’ September lot are gone. Instead the flirters, the posers and the youth have gone. Just working out, progress, drive and self determination. It’s inspiring. 

My run game is po… ok it’s just meh. I can run still and distance at that but it’s not fast and I still go bright red. The first few minutes are hell as I try to remember how to run all over again; feet, hands, shoes, neck, where does it all go? 

I managed 5k. I consider it my base minimum, no less allowed.

My goals are still to work on my 10k game enough to build up distance. Lofty maybe but if my running since April has taught me anything is that if you decide you are going to do it then you just will. You’ll find a way. 

Keep going. 

Race for Life Mud Run 2016!

Today was an amazing 5k! It was the Muddy Run, Race for Life for Cancer Research UK in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. Luckily Scotland kept it’s weather warmish and sunny as the ‘Cult of Yarn’ yomped through the mud!

We committed! We jumped, crawled, climbed and got totally filthy. My mates were troopers and I was so happy to be a cultist! 

We did it! All for charity! Go team! I love you Zoe, Heather and Pip!  ðŸ’™ðŸ’šðŸ’›ðŸ’œ

Also, big thanks to my bestie Cia for tsking all the photos, without you we would have no record of our muddy faces.

I really enjoyed the fact 5k was not a mental challenge. It was a doable distance, something that I knew I could do. I understand that this race wasn’t running but even then it was a physical challenge. I felt it most on my arms, crawling under nets and the like took it’s toll on my untrained biceps. I really aught to work on them more.💪 

Much in the vein of my last post, we have another loss. RIP Black New Balance trainers from January. It was wonderful serving with you all those miles. I salute you. 


I have a confession. I haven’t been working hard as I should be. For someone supposed to be running 10k im 3 weeks it still seems a far off goal.

At least, that’s how it feels.

I’ve been running my 5k minimum 3 timss a week, trying to push as much as possible and can make it up to 7k. That said 7 is not 10 and the voice in my head is belittling my efforts.

Hitting 5k was glorious. It was a great step and I was really proud, maybe too proud and happy to rest on my laurels.

I know I should feel just as good about 7 but I don’t. 7 isn’t a satisfying number. It’s not 10. I tried working on speed and weights which I guess weren’t bad for me but were they really going to help me hit 10k right now?

It’s all up to me, I need to push harder. 

If you see me please ask me about 8, tell me to push to 9, badger me about 10. I need the pressure. 

This week. It’s on.

8k, I’m coming for you… by Tuesday.