Another 10k training along the canal with my pal Ray and a new t-shirt. It’s nice outside and it’s good being able to get outside without layers for days. 



70.12/500- Birthday 10k

Today was a big day for me. 

  • I turned 27.
  • I went on a 10k that wasn’t for a medal.
  • I beat my 10k PB.
  • I considered myself ‘not fat’ in running clothes.

Obviously this blog deals with my running, but reflecting on all these is worthwhile. I started this blog nearly a year ago to keep myself motivated, accountable and because I was lonely in China. I couldn’t run. Every step up was momentous.Now I’m running 10k.

It was lovely. I went out in a t-shirt. It was sunny (and we can ignore the chilly wind and snow on the hills…). I looped grass, found a football pitch to lap and circled a park. It was good for my aging lungs. 

I didn’t have to do it today. Yeah, I can see how it’s a bit mad on the surface but I didn’t really have birthday plans and shouldn’t you have some? Some thing that you’re proud of doing on a day acknowledging you? Well this was mine, my gift to me. 

… That and I should start half marathon training eventually. 😉

Glasgow Great Scottish Run 10k 2016

Enough time has passed that my legs and other muscles have forgiven me for my 10k efforts. 

It was a blast. I donned my favorite pink trews, committed to a tshirt despite the fog and went at it. 

The atmosphere was amazing. They said 10,000 people overall were going to take part! 10,000! All the shorts, lycra, water, sweat and efforts of so many gave the day such a buzz. I rooted for those around me, I wasn’t feeling awkward but rather part of a greater tide. 

The route was good, all my old Glasgow stomping grounds and familiar roads seeing me through my home city. There was some exciting about going over the motorway, the Clyde and something magical about running along the river towards Glasgow Green. My home, my city, my life.

Now it’s finished it’s all been a bit surreal. I found typing this really hard just because I can’t belive its over. I talked about it, focused on it and dreamt about it so much that when it finished it was a bit… ‘now what?’

The week had been an odd one, full of events and chat but regardless the run kept getting me through. I had the rub coming. The run was soon. Yeab, but the run? When it ended it was a bit like giving myself time to think and in truth I don’t really like it. I prefer having a challenge. 

My time wasn’t sterling. 

But hey, having something to work on is good, right?

Now? Who knows what I’ll aim for. I have some lofty ideas about half marathons but who knows. 

It’s important to take time to reflect, this seems like apt a one as any. 


I have a confession. I haven’t been working hard as I should be. For someone supposed to be running 10k im 3 weeks it still seems a far off goal.

At least, that’s how it feels.

I’ve been running my 5k minimum 3 timss a week, trying to push as much as possible and can make it up to 7k. That said 7 is not 10 and the voice in my head is belittling my efforts.

Hitting 5k was glorious. It was a great step and I was really proud, maybe too proud and happy to rest on my laurels.

I know I should feel just as good about 7 but I don’t. 7 isn’t a satisfying number. It’s not 10. I tried working on speed and weights which I guess weren’t bad for me but were they really going to help me hit 10k right now?

It’s all up to me, I need to push harder. 

If you see me please ask me about 8, tell me to push to 9, badger me about 10. I need the pressure. 

This week. It’s on.

8k, I’m coming for you… by Tuesday. 

Sooner than you think…


It’s been a day since I wrote this, so its technically 8 and 64…

My races are sooner than I think. My first 5k is in less than 10 days and the Great Scottish Run 10k is… Well, not over 100 days anymore.

This is a mental game. All the doubts come out.
‘Can I do it?’
‘Will I walk?’
‘Will I be too slow?’
‘Should I go at all?’

The answers are ultimately unimportant. These haven’t been fleeting fancies. These are things I have been practicing for near daily since April. I go out and every time I tell myself you can physically do this, people do this all the time and you have no excuses.

I guess seeing it in numbers is scary.

Fear is good. Fear makes me run harder.