Who’s that girl?

Hey! I’m EJ.

I’m 26 and have taken up running as a form of exercise, mental therapy and new hobby.

That sounds like a lot, but since running more and more I’ve learned a lot about my capabilities, how to stay calm and pushing through my barriers.

I worked on the couch to 5K programme since March 2016 while living in China. China isn’t a great place if you have body issues and I would get called fat or big daily. Sick of it I decided the power was in my hands. At the start it was day by day but now I actively enjoy being able to put a few more minutes onto my running time and have lined up some interesting races to keep myself motivated.

This blog is a personal reflection of my running, my challenges and my thoughts. It is not intended as a medical or training guide and anyone seeking to take up running should consult medical professionals…

I mean, I didn’t but that’s not to say you shouldn’t. Just sayin’.