70.12/500- Birthday 10k

Today was a big day for me. 

  • I turned 27.
  • I went on a 10k that wasn’t for a medal.
  • I beat my 10k PB.
  • I considered myself ‘not fat’ in running clothes.

Obviously this blog deals with my running, but reflecting on all these is worthwhile. I started this blog nearly a year ago to keep myself motivated, accountable and because I was lonely in China. I couldn’t run. Every step up was momentous.Now I’m running 10k.

It was lovely. I went out in a t-shirt. It was sunny (and we can ignore the chilly wind and snow on the hills…). I looped grass, found a football pitch to lap and circled a park. It was good for my aging lungs. 

I didn’t have to do it today. Yeah, I can see how it’s a bit mad on the surface but I didn’t really have birthday plans and shouldn’t you have some? Some thing that you’re proud of doing on a day acknowledging you? Well this was mine, my gift to me. 

… That and I should start half marathon training eventually. 😉


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