39.32/500- a sort of triathlon workout.

My best mate managed to get us a free day trip to a Nuffield Health Spa in town. We made full use of it- I ran, biked and swam… and used the steam room and spa pool but hey it’d have been rude not to. 

5k in 36.11- no photo but my bestie was my witness. 

A PERSONAL BEST! I felt amazing. I pushed and pushed and it’s definitely showing. So proud. 

3k on the bike.

500meters in the pool.

Cracking workout.



I am distraught. I went to the gym. I did the 5k. At the end instead of hitting pause as I normally do to take a picture I hit emergency stop, it reset the machine. There is no photo. I am distraught. The best proof I have is the fact I have gone over 15k steps today, something that only happens with running. 

I finished in 38:50 something. It was not my best time but it was a time nonetheless. 

Damn you emergency stop button.

I am distraught. 

33.12/500- if you don’t blog it did it even happen?

I ran at the gym yesterday. It was my fastest time on treadmill to date, 4 seconds short of being my best time ever. Gutted really. Should have went faster. 

I didn’t blog it straight away because my phone was dying. I like to blog while I cool down in the changing room, creepy as that sounds. I nearly forgot about it but didn’t want to loose out on my 3.2 miles. 

Last time I calculated it wrong, chiefly because I can’t count, and I’m over 30 miles! I’ll be excited when I get to 50. 

30.02/500 – Down with the sickness

First came the cough, then the ears were filled with fluid, then the fever, then the chills, then the blocked nose….

I still had to go to uni, start a new school placement and carry on as if everything was ok. I even spent a weekend in, that’s how drastic it got!

I went to parkrun Saturday but I didn’t finish. I was still fevery, so this is my first run since last week, which happens to be the first time I’ve been able to use my nose. 

I took it easier, thus the longer time, but still pretty consistent. 

I’m very aware of my 6k on the 26th of this month but even at 5k I think I have enough reserves to power through. Plus, I’ll be dressed as a mermaid so that’ll help, right?

Can’t wait to be healthy again!

26.92/500- Ramp.

I have a 6k on the 26th Feb and a 10k 19th March so now seems a good time to increase distances beyond my now comfy 5k.

Yeah, I’m still slow but to be frank I don’t care. Any distance over 5 at this point is an achievement, one I haven’t done since October.

And to top that, the first time I ran 6k it was about 55mins, I blogged it back then: https://letherrunfree.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/six-cess/

…. I say that. Obviously I hope to get faster by March but there isn’t much point in putting on pressure before I put in the miles.

Tonight’s gym session was oddly very man filled. There was only one other girl in the room in comparison to the hunnards a guys. They go in packs, like women to a bathroom. Some wear hoodies and long trousers, which I assume is for training benefit otherwise it’s madness.

Fyi- 6k is 3.72miles. Not drastically helpful in my 500 miles goal but every little helps eh?