13.9/500- My first Park Run. 


‘Yeah! Good idea Ray!’


Well the story goes back a little bit. 

I got new kit:

(Is there any more satisfying than new sports socks? Naw, didn’t think so.)

New wintery tops and leggings, socks for days, and I was staying at a pals. Seeing as I had my kit anyway he asked me if I fancied park run. 

It seemed a good idea. I was filled with pseudo confidence after my treadmilling this week plus after not doing full 5ks the past 2 runs I was keen to complete it. I could do the outdoors right? 

Let us all laugh. 

Turns out I’m a needy princess. ‘It’s cold, there’s hills, mud, I’m tired, there’s people.’ So many complaints. 

It was hard. The cold was bitter, ice on paths, hills and even worse downhills. I was quickly at the back of the pack. The walkers appeared after 1.5k. This was brutal. 

I was aware how woefully bad I was. My brain was a constant stream of ‘eff this, eff that, terribad idea’. 

That said… it was beautiful. Trees, air, cold, mud… It was very LOTR.

My time was poor:

But I’m still glad I did it. In terms of new kit I was pretty happy with my new socks and tops. Trousers? Well… if your a fan of muffin tops then these are the trousers for you.

Try again next week?


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