8.23/500- bro thou doth not lift.

I ran, well… jogged 3.27k in 25 mins. I stopped because I was at the gym with a pal and we wanted to go for lunch. But I still take solice in adding 2.03miles to my lofy goal. Little steps eh?
We didn’t go to run. We went for weights. A lovely coursemate of mine was going to do weights stuff anyway, and being the weight n00b (do we still use n00b? Did 2004 die?) I am I asked if I could come with.

I avoid weight training for a few reasons.

  1. I’m rubbish at it.
  2. It’s repetitive… which I get is the idea but still. Snore.
  3. It’s strange over in the weightlands, big men and grunts, a land where people seem to know what they are doing. 

I only recently made it into the treadmill club. I didn’t want to tip the scales. 

But having pal helped. She was great, she told me what to do and kept on at me which was sorely needed. Apparently the mental stamina I had built for running didn’t extend to the weight mats. We kept at it for 40 mins before I bowed out to run. (Yes, I now pick running over other excercise)

I bench pressed! I’ve never done that in my life before. I mean, don’t imagine I’m all there with my protein shake and a massive dumbbell. I was using 3kg weights and my arms took it in turns to complain (That’s really bad innit? Was I over compensating on alternative sides?)

Tomorrow should be fun… owch. 


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