I would run 500 miles- 3.1/500

​I’m not big into new years resolutions, I never keep them. Facebook and instagram were littered with ‘new year, new you’ which just sounded a bit Chuckle Brothers if you ask me. 

But I was in the fortunate position that if I was going to make a new years resolution I wouldn’t be starting from scratch. I wouldnt be starting out in cold January trying to learn 5k (good on those who do, you’re braver than I) I could start from a mental position of ‘I can do this’.

I’ve spent some time with someone who does triathlon. I was both impressed and intimidated, was I really ‘sporty’ enough to even have the running conversation. It felt a bit lame saying 5k when he was talking about casual half marathon. 

But he was right, I was still going. Still off the couch, still managing it and keeping my laces strung. 

I was never going to be a speed demon but I was going to have stamina.So I decided I was going to have to come up with a stamina based goal.

Luckily the Patron Saints of Scottish Drunken Singing, The Proclaimers, came up with the ideal workout plan. 

I would run 500 miles.

Well, walk but still. 

I didn’t set a firm timescale really, by the end of the yearish. 

So today was my first 3.1miles of 500. My time is just comparable to my September time, but I was a bit fitter then.

Times, distances ah well. It’s going to be a long way but I look forward to it.


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