Happy 2017: Lenzie January Jog.

Jan 1st is always a write off, forget it. I spent the day curled up with a unicorn. 

Now Jan 2nd? There’s a good day to start something positive. 

It was a route of about 4.4k, 4.34k if we are being picky and my time is still pretty slow but I don’t walk as much as I used to and hey, I actually went outside in the cold (which I’ve avoided pretty much all of December)

The route was fun, around plenty greenery but all on road or concrete. It’s about -1 degree Celsius and tried to snow at one point, of which I complained bitterly being the wimp I am. 

I tried out my new running trousers (a demure black with bright pink knees, some of the least gaudy of my collection) and they go the distance. Pretty chuffed.

Most importantly… I’ve avoided doing an essay for a few more hours. Guess I should get on that. 😫  

Happy 2017. To more runs, races and beyond. 💙🏃


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