23.2/500 and Parkrun #2

Yay! I got faster! 

Went back to parkrun today. It was mentally easier and even with a hacking cough there are a few things that helped. 

1- didn’t use my watch. This helped a lot actually. Instead of bargaining with myself about ‘you can walk in ‘0.25k’ I didn’t have that luxury so I just kept trooping. 

2- I knew the route this time so it was easier to get round the flats and negotiate the hills. 

3- it was raining. Blech. But at least it wasn’t icey. 

Overall glad I went. Slowly ticking through my 500 miles but I can tell it’s going to take a loooong time. 



I rubbish last week, a mix of partying and hormonal wahs. The hangover wasn’t finished yet, it was gripping and I was dying. Someone said they were off to train and I became staunchly aware how little I had done. So….

Off I went. It was grim… well. Lies.

After feeling awful I was surprised how amazing running for 3k (a cheeky mini walk) then another 2k felt awesome. 

I didn’t beat my time but it’s pretty consistent now. Yay!

13.9/500- My first Park Run. 


‘Yeah! Good idea Ray!’


Well the story goes back a little bit. 

I got new kit:

(Is there any more satisfying than new sports socks? Naw, didn’t think so.)

New wintery tops and leggings, socks for days, and I was staying at a pals. Seeing as I had my kit anyway he asked me if I fancied park run. 

It seemed a good idea. I was filled with pseudo confidence after my treadmilling this week plus after not doing full 5ks the past 2 runs I was keen to complete it. I could do the outdoors right? 

Let us all laugh. 

Turns out I’m a needy princess. ‘It’s cold, there’s hills, mud, I’m tired, there’s people.’ So many complaints. 

It was hard. The cold was bitter, ice on paths, hills and even worse downhills. I was quickly at the back of the pack. The walkers appeared after 1.5k. This was brutal. 

I was aware how woefully bad I was. My brain was a constant stream of ‘eff this, eff that, terribad idea’. 

That said… it was beautiful. Trees, air, cold, mud… It was very LOTR.

My time was poor:

But I’m still glad I did it. In terms of new kit I was pretty happy with my new socks and tops. Trousers? Well… if your a fan of muffin tops then these are the trousers for you.

Try again next week?

10.8/500 – Daytimes at the gym suck

The gym during the day is an awful place. It’s busy. I don’t just mean that as in it has people in it but the very daytime gym scene is ‘busy’.

Today I did 4.14k in just over half an hour. I’ll be honest, I wanted to do 5 but I had gone too late and had class at 1 (I finished running at 12:30). I couldn’t go after class because I had a dinner date so conceeded to the lunchtime slot seeing as I was on campus.

Big. Error. 

It’s awful having the time constraint put on you, unsure how much you’ll get done because you have other plans. I much prefer rocking up at 7pm when it’s dead and having time to just run as far as I want. 

I have decided I will make up for this with 6k tomorrow. My reasons being 2 fold.

1- make up distances lost to the daytime pit

2- there’s a 5 mile race I have my eye on soon and I think I can do it as long as I push harder. It’s like 8k. I can do it… maybe. 

Either way, more on the 500 total and now into double digits. Let’s keep it up! 

8.23/500- bro thou doth not lift.

I ran, well… jogged 3.27k in 25 mins. I stopped because I was at the gym with a pal and we wanted to go for lunch. But I still take solice in adding 2.03miles to my lofy goal. Little steps eh?
We didn’t go to run. We went for weights. A lovely coursemate of mine was going to do weights stuff anyway, and being the weight n00b (do we still use n00b? Did 2004 die?) I am I asked if I could come with.

I avoid weight training for a few reasons.

  1. I’m rubbish at it.
  2. It’s repetitive… which I get is the idea but still. Snore.
  3. It’s strange over in the weightlands, big men and grunts, a land where people seem to know what they are doing. 

I only recently made it into the treadmill club. I didn’t want to tip the scales. 

But having pal helped. She was great, she told me what to do and kept on at me which was sorely needed. Apparently the mental stamina I had built for running didn’t extend to the weight mats. We kept at it for 40 mins before I bowed out to run. (Yes, I now pick running over other excercise)

I bench pressed! I’ve never done that in my life before. I mean, don’t imagine I’m all there with my protein shake and a massive dumbbell. I was using 3kg weights and my arms took it in turns to complain (That’s really bad innit? Was I over compensating on alternative sides?)

Tomorrow should be fun… owch. 

I give myself very good advice; a self stern telling off. 

You ever read back something you wrote a while ago and think ‘yeah, bang on’. 

I was feeling a bit disillusioned with running goals, not sure if time chasing or treadmill worshiping were right for me.

 I’ve been ‘putting myself out there’ more recently and in the spirit of making sure I don’t make a tit of myself on the internet I re-read my old blog posts.

  1. I’ve become so much more self deprecating recently. Without those beginner gains I have been so down about every run.
  2. Sometimes I make me laugh.
  3. See 1 again.

It was clear that since settling into my life in Scotland again I was running less but also I was not blogging as much. There was a simple answer to this, I was no longer Nelly No Mates and being back in a country where people spoke my language I didn’t need to speak to a blog to feel better. 

But by that same token because I wasn’t trying to make me feel better what was I doing? Was I falling into that social media trap of needing to show constant happiness and self improvement at all times. In truth, I think I had. Yes, I wanted to challenge myself but I had done so at the expense of cherishing just the emotions running brings. 

Being back in a world I understood meant I was in a world I was now comparable to those around me. I am not comparable to those around me. 

I am me. My pace is my own. My goals and loves and fist bumps every 0.1k were my own. My running is good regardless of how much someone else does. 

My previous posts made that clear and along the way I had forgotten this. 

This serves as a reminder to myself. Enjoy what you do and don’t become a slave to ‘public self improvement’. Blog because you like it, no other reasons.

Got that girl? Good. Now carry on and clock dem miles.  

6.2/500- when yer face is the same colour as yer top

I wasnt sure I’d do today. I spent the day editing words and helping my sister, plus I didn’t feel like it. But miles don’t do themselves.

Change. Shoes. Wear that top I don’t even like. I don’t put on make up (having come to the realization Meg Ryan moments don’t happen in the Strathy gym). I stop caring about my crop trousers/long socks combo. I just need to do the miles.

I gym. I push. I give myself a higher minimum and a lower maximum and much of my time is spent thinking ‘eff it, just run’. I ignore my notifications, don’t change song, keep going.

The result is a faster time than yesterday:

So yay! But unfortunately my face is the colour of my top, kinda why I avoid wearing it.


Keep going eh?

I would run 500 miles- 3.1/500

​I’m not big into new years resolutions, I never keep them. Facebook and instagram were littered with ‘new year, new you’ which just sounded a bit Chuckle Brothers if you ask me. 

But I was in the fortunate position that if I was going to make a new years resolution I wouldn’t be starting from scratch. I wouldnt be starting out in cold January trying to learn 5k (good on those who do, you’re braver than I) I could start from a mental position of ‘I can do this’.

I’ve spent some time with someone who does triathlon. I was both impressed and intimidated, was I really ‘sporty’ enough to even have the running conversation. It felt a bit lame saying 5k when he was talking about casual half marathon. 

But he was right, I was still going. Still off the couch, still managing it and keeping my laces strung. 

I was never going to be a speed demon but I was going to have stamina.So I decided I was going to have to come up with a stamina based goal.

Luckily the Patron Saints of Scottish Drunken Singing, The Proclaimers, came up with the ideal workout plan. 

I would run 500 miles.

Well, walk but still. 

I didn’t set a firm timescale really, by the end of the yearish. 

So today was my first 3.1miles of 500. My time is just comparable to my September time, but I was a bit fitter then.

Times, distances ah well. It’s going to be a long way but I look forward to it.

Happy 2017: Lenzie January Jog.

Jan 1st is always a write off, forget it. I spent the day curled up with a unicorn. 

Now Jan 2nd? There’s a good day to start something positive. 

It was a route of about 4.4k, 4.34k if we are being picky and my time is still pretty slow but I don’t walk as much as I used to and hey, I actually went outside in the cold (which I’ve avoided pretty much all of December)

The route was fun, around plenty greenery but all on road or concrete. It’s about -1 degree Celsius and tried to snow at one point, of which I complained bitterly being the wimp I am. 

I tried out my new running trousers (a demure black with bright pink knees, some of the least gaudy of my collection) and they go the distance. Pretty chuffed.

Most importantly… I’ve avoided doing an essay for a few more hours. Guess I should get on that. 😫  

Happy 2017. To more runs, races and beyond. 💙🏃