9k all the way! 

9k baby! 
Please don’t look at that dismal time. Instead relish in the fact that it was 9k which is nearly 10k, which I’ll be running in 2 weeks. 

It ached. I did not speed up at the end but instead trod on at little more than a jog. So much pain. So much tension in my legs. Was I going to be able to do 10?

OF COURSE YOU CAN EMMA, you’ve already shown you can do 9.

But inner voice. Its way over my predicted time, I was too cocky. I’ll never do 10k in 1hr 10mins. 

Oh quiet. It doesn’t matter, any time is a personal best. 

Ok, inner voice. You’re quite right. Keep slogging. 

I want cake. 

Right, enough from you inner voice. That attitude got us into this bother in the first place…

When I finished I air pumped and celebrated, much to the confusion of the other gym goers. 

I stretched in deep thought. I can do this. I can do this… 

10k is not a million miles away. 


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