9k all the way! 

9k baby! 
Please don’t look at that dismal time. Instead relish in the fact that it was 9k which is nearly 10k, which I’ll be running in 2 weeks. 

It ached. I did not speed up at the end but instead trod on at little more than a jog. So much pain. So much tension in my legs. Was I going to be able to do 10?

OF COURSE YOU CAN EMMA, you’ve already shown you can do 9.

But inner voice. Its way over my predicted time, I was too cocky. I’ll never do 10k in 1hr 10mins. 

Oh quiet. It doesn’t matter, any time is a personal best. 

Ok, inner voice. You’re quite right. Keep slogging. 

I want cake. 

Right, enough from you inner voice. That attitude got us into this bother in the first place…

When I finished I air pumped and celebrated, much to the confusion of the other gym goers. 

I stretched in deep thought. I can do this. I can do this… 

10k is not a million miles away. 


Race for Life Mud Run 2016!

Today was an amazing 5k! It was the Muddy Run, Race for Life for Cancer Research UK in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. Luckily Scotland kept it’s weather warmish and sunny as the ‘Cult of Yarn’ yomped through the mud!

We committed! We jumped, crawled, climbed and got totally filthy. My mates were troopers and I was so happy to be a cultist! 

We did it! All for charity! Go team! I love you Zoe, Heather and Pip!  ðŸ’™ðŸ’šðŸ’›ðŸ’œ

Also, big thanks to my bestie Cia for tsking all the photos, without you we would have no record of our muddy faces.

I really enjoyed the fact 5k was not a mental challenge. It was a doable distance, something that I knew I could do. I understand that this race wasn’t running but even then it was a physical challenge. I felt it most on my arms, crawling under nets and the like took it’s toll on my untrained biceps. I really aught to work on them more.💪 

Much in the vein of my last post, we have another loss. RIP Black New Balance trainers from January. It was wonderful serving with you all those miles. I salute you. 

To our fallen comrade, we salute you!

I’ve been putting off the moment but after a dead wire today I have to move on. It’s a sad moment. I lost a friend, one close to my chest. I have no photo of her in her heyday, much to my sadness. Though her colour faded she was supportive til the last mile. Goodbye my China pal. I could never have learned to run without you. 

In case anyone was worried, its a bra. I finally accepted I had to chuck it. Nae danger. 😉

P.s. it used to be fluorescent pink….

It’s all a bit real

My number arrived for the Great Scottish Run 10k. It’s all a bit real now.

I think I can. My little leaflet certainly believes in me. 

I’ve been put in white group, it’s probably my fault for clicking something wrong but I think I belong in a slower group. I’m not very speedy. 😦

Ahh! Where has time gone!?!?!?!?!?!



I have a confession. I haven’t been working hard as I should be. For someone supposed to be running 10k im 3 weeks it still seems a far off goal.

At least, that’s how it feels.

I’ve been running my 5k minimum 3 timss a week, trying to push as much as possible and can make it up to 7k. That said 7 is not 10 and the voice in my head is belittling my efforts.

Hitting 5k was glorious. It was a great step and I was really proud, maybe too proud and happy to rest on my laurels.

I know I should feel just as good about 7 but I don’t. 7 isn’t a satisfying number. It’s not 10. I tried working on speed and weights which I guess weren’t bad for me but were they really going to help me hit 10k right now?

It’s all up to me, I need to push harder. 

If you see me please ask me about 8, tell me to push to 9, badger me about 10. I need the pressure. 

This week. It’s on.

8k, I’m coming for you… by Tuesday.