Playlist Pleasures 😘

My recent songs of choice are 2000s-tastic. I was more than excited when the recent my chemical romance announcement came out so down the rabbit hole I dived headfirst!

It’s upbeat, it’s angsty, it’s full of ridiculous lyrics, it’s fast… and it’s helping me keep going without stopping.

Much like a dancefloor when your jam comes on, you have to stay and dance! ‘Mate, that drink can wait! I need to sing all the words to nicki minaj!’, ‘mate, blur? Dance now, toilet later!’…

That’s how I feel when I hear one of these guilty pleasures. Keep going, before you know it 0.5k has gone by! Anything to keep up the energy and make the task more fun. 

So here’s my jams… part 1. 😉


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