Sooner than you think…


It’s been a day since I wrote this, so its technically 8 and 64…

My races are sooner than I think. My first 5k is in less than 10 days and the Great Scottish Run 10k is… Well, not over 100 days anymore.

This is a mental game. All the doubts come out.
‘Can I do it?’
‘Will I walk?’
‘Will I be too slow?’
‘Should I go at all?’

The answers are ultimately unimportant. These haven’t been fleeting fancies. These are things I have been practicing for near daily since April. I go out and every time I tell myself you can physically do this, people do this all the time and you have no excuses.

I guess seeing it in numbers is scary.

Fear is good. Fear makes me run harder.


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