Running in Scotland

I’m home. I’ve been back 2 days, sleeping off jet lag and reminiscing about my time out East. It has been cold and damp since I landed in Edinburgh. Summer? Pah!

After a week of holiday in Hong Kong and travel across the globe I decided to lace up my shoes again. I pulled on my clothes after a cup of green tea, 9:20am.

Getting dressed was odd, were clothes going on easier because I was thinner or just not soaked with humidity? I was aware of the weather, should I wear a jumper or just run through it? In the end I committed to a Ramones T-shirt and Capri trousers, pulled on a headband and off I went. Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

The next issue was where to go. Where I live in Glasgow is actually pretty good for race training generally. Flats, hills, country paths, grass, concrete… I had it all. But after running months of track I wanted to keep up the same routine until I settled into the weather. The schools in Scotland are off so I went to my old primary school track.


I had forgotten how scenic it was. The Campsie Fells in the back while the playground grounds were still green and inviting. When was I last here? 10 years, no, more, 15? Damn, age was creeping up on me. That said, as I ran I remembered painful cross country memories. I had always been slower than the sporty girls and when there are only 10 girls in your class that bumps you down the ranks pretty quickly. I still wasn’t fast but I wondered if I could run further than those girls. I never saw any of them any more. I had changed too much over time, we probably wouldn’t even recognise each other.

Again I am useless at calculating distance, so the length of the pitch I ran is unknown. I ran 7 laps in 10 mins, overall 30 mins. All I could manage before feeling jet lag ill again.

While I ran I noticed the cold most. This was a pretty ‘fresh’ day as far as Scotland was concerned. Maybe 12 degrees and overcast. After 28 degrees and humid conditions I wasn’t sure how to feel. No sweat. If I wasn’t sweating was I even working out? My clothes weren’t wet. My hair wasn’t damp. I didn’t wipe my face. I could use my phone still as my fingers didn’t have a film of sweat. For the very first time in my running ‘career’ I wondered if this was good for my muscles, is the cold tightening them needlessly?

The worlds I had experienced were so far removed from each other, so fundamentally different and yet here I was able to perform the same action across the globe. That excited me. After I was finished I felt proud that after a short recovery from East to West I was still able to keep it up. Now… Let’s start training properly!


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