Why running in China is awesome #4

The noises.

Recording them failed so I’m sorry I can’t share them fully. But I honestly haven’t experienced some of the noises I do here.

1- the daytime rattling bug thing…
If I’m running in the heat it sounds like rattlesnakes are coming after me. I have never really experienced grasshoppers never mind whatever this thing is. I was told it was locust bugs, but I’ve never met one of those either. The only reference I have for it is the day time outdoors noises in Anime, which I never really understood. Why bugs not birds? Guess now I know.

2- the nighttime wildlife…
The sun goes down and out come frogs, crickets, mice, bats and all sorts of odd noise making small animals. They take me by surprise. I’ll be running by and RIBBIT! Oh I’m sorry wee man, I’ll swerve I guess? Crickets compete to be the loudest, a string orchestra of legs. Again, besides the odd week in Spain I had never heard the likes of it! Lucky I run slow so to date there have been no underfoot casualties.

It was something I never even thought about until I could run more easily, being able to take in the surroundings instead of just trying to get through them.

What do you hear? Is it unique to your patch?


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