Why running in China is awesome #3


Not many tracks have mini pagodas…

At my school track (falling apart by this time in the tern through use, heat and the odd monsoon) I am surrounded by ‘China’. What I mean is I have a mix of modern, bizarre and traditional features to enjoy as I watch the laps go by.

Just outside the school boundary we have power lines, huge power lines!  Running underneath them makes your hair rise and your arms prickle. I don’t know how healthy that is but hey, that’s life here.

On the other side of the fence there is farm land. One of my favorite silent Chinese characters might walk by, an old thin man who has green in his beard and a round straw hat. He sometimes looks up at me disinterestedly, I look back blank but amused. Its an exchange that makes the run a strange one.

There are various little wooden pagoda type structures around that are beautiful to look at. They remind me of where I am, which is this bizarre country called China. Why did I come to this odd place. Well that’s a story for another day.

In the mean time, I’m growing fond of my track. I’ll miss it when I leave at the end of the month.


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