The surprising benefit of running in the rain


Yeah intro image I know, I know. That doesn’t make it fun though.

It gets in my eyes, I round my shoulders in protection but that ruins my breathing. I have to avoid puddles because I don’t want soaked socks. The whole experience is just bleh.

That said…

Have you ever not wanted to do something so you do it faster, getting it out the way?  Insert happy emojis here.

Today I ran 20 minutes, a comfy distance and enough to make me feel like putting on a sports bra was worth it but not so long I was going to be soaked through. I was genuinely worried about getting a cold, I have work to do and can’t afford time off.

In 20 mins I can normally run 10/ 10.5 laps of my track (the distance of which I still have no idea about) but today I ran 12. I surprised myself, unsure of I was getting fitter, faster, not trying to pace myself as much because it was a short run or if it was the rain. I’ll blame the rain, the rest seem too good to be true.

So thanks rain. You suck but like… Thanks? I guess?



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