Why running in China is awesome #2

The weather.

I hail (pun) from Glasgow, a not so hot but not so cold place that has never heard of humidity. In fact I had never really experienced it until I moved here to Guangdong. Here temperatures can easily hit high 30s centigrade before 10am and humidity 60-80% daily.

But all this humidity results in something wonderful.

Thunder and lightning…

I’d seen the odd thunder and lightning storm back home but it is nothing compared to here. In April it was a storm daily! They don’t always result in rain, and that’s when it’s beautiful to run.

Friday 3rd June I ran on my track at 8pm. I had been tired and slept 5pm-7pm, ate a little then decided through lack of doing anything else that running was totally acceptable. It had cooled considerably making it pleasant to be outside.

The sky was flashing. Orange, grey, yellow, black. I had never watched it be so many colours over seconds at a time. Every flash came from deep inside the clouds, making the clouds seem huge, giant  monsters in the sky.

The storm was over east of the track, I would watch it running one way then turn my back to enjoy the effect of the flashing on the ground. Huge clouds, atmospheric flashing, repeat.

My whole 30 minute run it continued and having something to watch distracted me without hampering my performance. It was amazing.

The entire time, as I watched the flashes illuminate the constantly raised Chinese flag I remembered how lucky I was to be in this place, how unusual and magical it was.

I tried taking photos but lightning isn’t a very good subject, it goes too quickly and is unpredictable.

Still. It made running an awesome experience.

This post is part of a series. China is too awesome to only be in one post.


3 thoughts on “Why running in China is awesome #2

    1. Hey, I understand the logic but I think mentally prefer the track. Sometimes on grass etc the surface isn’t as smooth so you spend time thinking about it. (Especially here in rural China, road care is not a priority to local government) I’m not a good enough runner yet to be able to think about too much, I just prefer being able to drive forward. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some trail soon. Grass running sounds like fun.

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