Why running in China is awesome #1


This is my track. I run it daily and it is good to me.

I work at a private school in Guangdong, south China. Its hot, humid and unforgiving weather but I’m hoping to reap the benefits of this tough training.

As I wrote before, I run at night from 7pm onwards depending on how hot it is during the day. Sometimes I like to run at 6pm to mix it up but I can never finish my full work out if I do.

When the swallows become bats…
I run when I see the swallows have disappeared and the bats come out in force. I love the bats, eating up all the mosquitoes that munch me. It’s an awesome experience being able to look up at the dusky sky and see bats swirling round the track with me.

The next wildlife I have to look out for is the frogs. China is awash with rivers and water; duck farms, fish farms and goose farms galore. Round the school there are plenty and the frogs love that along with the heat. Running round it’s not unusual to see a frog jumping out the way of my feet.

The wildlife is certainly brilliant and it’s awesome to be able to share my track with animals that I don’t normally see in such quantities back home.

Its one reason I like running in China.

This post is part of a series. China is too awesome to only have one post.


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